S and I have had a lovely weekend.

We’ve not had fancy days out; we’ve barely left the house.
We’ve not spent loads of money; I think the grand total of our spending for the weekend was £6.60 and that included my buying a couple of candles yesterday morning.

S ended up sleeping in my bed both nights, and both nights ended up cuddling up to me, something she doesn’t usually do. Usually she settles for just a hand on my shoulder but lately she’s taken to using parts of me as a pillow, which is sometimes uncomfortable but always comforting and guaranteed to have me wake in a great mood.

Besides lots of sleepy cuddles, here are some of the things we got up to this weekend:

  • We made biscuits on a whim, because we were both grouchy and bored. They turned out pretty well, and S thoroughly enjoyed eating the mixture off the whisks.
  • We walked up the road to a friend’s house and had a cuppa and a chat while feeding treats to her gorgeous dogs. S grinned from ear to ear when the dogs started gently taking treats from her hands!
  • We had a shower with S’s delicious new Neal’s Yard baby shampoo which smells divine and can hopefully now be used to wash her hair once a week (we stopped using any products in the shower a long time ago because of her sensitive skin)
  • We had lazy mornings in bed watching Despicable Me and giggling.
  • We had Auntie A round for Sunday afternoon; the shrieks and giggles coming from the living room as I prepared tea in the kitchen brightened my day to no end.
  • We decorated the biscuits we’d made… and made a glorious mess in so doing.
  • We had a nice long wander around town, with no need to go into any of the shops other than to try out their escalators.
  • We read lots of books, as always.
All too often, I’m guilty of taking our time together for granted. We don’t do very much, I stick a dvd on for S so that I can get something else done, we get stuck in a rut. This weekend we didn’t really do anything outrageous but it was so nice to get to the end of two days together and think, “yes, we spent quality time together.” 
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