When I first agreed to give up interacting on social media for Lent, I was worried about how this would affect my blog traffic. I resolved to be a lot more conscientious about the blog during Lent, so as to make up for not being able to spend time on Facebook and Twitter. My plan was that I would post every day, schedule tweets, and make a daily effort to share my posts in all the places I usually forget to.
So far, so good.
On the other hand though, I’m a freelance copy writer these days. I spend a great deal of my time writing copy for other people. In the last few days I have written pieces on Tahitian pearls, the importance of taking supplements, implementing a sleeping routine for a baby when you return to work, fancy dress costumes, the importance of hygiene in salons, insomnia, self storage, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pimm’s. Several of those were written in the last 24 hours.
I think I’ve used up all my creativity; I can’t write about anything else without regurgitating at least a few lines from something I’ve already written this week.
Usually, I’ll have four or five ideas for blog posts buzzing about my head. I’ll compose them in my head as I walk to and from nursery or do the washing up.
Today… nothing. I’m out of ideas.
Incidentally, I would dearly love to regurgitate some of the copy I have written in the last couple of days; I am very proud of some of it, and a little gutted I can’t just post it here and claim it as my own. But really, 500 words on Pimm’s, on a blog whose previous post was about alcohol free wine, from a woman who actually doesn’t  like to drink… it wouldn’t really fit!
So instead, I give you… a post about having nothing to post about. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.
As an added bonus, here is a photo of this time last year. Happy Friday.


Vicky is a mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. She writes about life as a single mother, parenting and lifestyle type things.


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