That was actually my second idea. The first was to give up drinking Coke.
Until three weeks ago, every time I dropped S at nursery I would walk into town, buy a coffee at Costa and bring it home. 
Three weeks ago, I decided I didn’t really fancy a coffee… and I’ve not touched it since.
I still had a super unhealthy Coca Cola habit though. I tried to limit myself to two 500ml bottles a day, but often ended up having more – on top of the Costa! Besides how much all of this was costing me, it was probably not fantastic for my body either. I grew sick of being reliant on caffeine to start my day, and even more sick of the headache that came on days when I’d not had enough.
When I decided to give up social media for Lent, part of me thought “oh, you’re off the hook for the Coke then!” But I knew there was no point in denying it; the issue needed to be dealt with. So I decided to go ahead and give it up.
Yesterday I read this article in the Guardian about caffeine – how dangerous it can be, but also how the levels in coffee fluctuate wildly not just from place to place, but from cup to cup in the same shop. When I was pregnant, I didn’t drink coffee at all and limited myself to as little Coke as possible. When I was breastfeeding S, I cut out caffeine all together. Since she was weaned though, my caffeine intake has slowly crept back up well past what it was before. And I don’t like it. So it’s about time I do something about it.
I woke up on Wednesday prepared for hell. Whenever I’ve given up drinking Coca Cola in the past (I’ve done it several times), I’ve suffered with horrible headaches and fatigue… This time, nothing. 
My giving up coffee coincided with my being sent some organic matcha green tea to review, and I started drinking either that or herbal tea at breakfast time, and even randomly throughout the day. I’d always turned my nose up at herbal tea but actually now I’m finding I quite enjoy it. I’m fairly sure it’s the green tea that’s kept the caffeine withdrawal at bay!
Tea Pigs organic matcha green tea single mother ahoy
Matcha – now that is green tea!

When it comes to replacing the Coca Cola though, it’s proving a little more difficult. My fridge is suddenly filled with bottles of fizzy water, fruit juice and tonic water. I’m trying to avoid filling the gap with Irn Bru or other sugary, fizzy concoctions. It’s not quite the same, but I’m getting there. I find I only fancy a Coke when I’m bored and fidgety – the same with chocolate!
I still have 12 cans of Coke by my front door, waiting for my sister to come round and drink them. I’ve given up drinking Coke numerous times in the past… but this time it’s not a struggle!
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Judith Hurrell · 09/03/2014 at 20:52

Ouch, good luck with the caffine quitting. How did you find the macha? I used to live in Japan and it took me years to get a taste for it. Pretty sure green tea has caffine in it though… maybe yours has been decaffinated. @mmearthmother

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