What’s your opinion on coincidence?

Personally, I think a lot of the time you bump into people/find what you’re looking for /hear from the person you were just thinking about… for a reason.

The other day S and I were on our way home from nursery in the rain… we saw a lady ahead with 2 dogs. S likes dogs so I pointed them out to her. Their owner was waiting to cross the road and she turned around to say hi… Their owner turned out to be a lady I used to work with a few years ago. She’d  moved away for a while and then come back, and was living just round the corner. We had a lovely chat and later added each other on Facebook.

On Monday this lady put up a status asking if anyone wanted some free reiki because she wanted to keep her hand in with her practice… I practically bit her arm off as I’ve always wanted to try it but never actually got round to it. So the next morning after dropping S at nursery, I went to my friend’s house, and had a seated reiki session… and a good old chin wag too.

If you don’t believe in things like reiki, crystal healing, chakras and other such things, you should probably stop reading here.

For a good couple of months, I’ve had a bit of a cold. The kind where it’s just a bit of a runny nose, bit chesty from time to time, but nothing to really do anything about. Except do a lot of throat-clearing. Throat clearing that never works.

I can’t really explain what happens in a reiki session… it involves opening chakras and removing negative energy. When we first started, I was tired. Then I felt so tired I almost felt drunk. And then when I left I felt really energised and optimistic and inspired to do lots of things… I spent most of Tuesday buzzing like I’d taken something. I’m still pretty happy now, but it’s calmed down a bit!

One thing that came up was that there’s an imbalance between my heart chakra and my throat chakra – there’s something I really feel I need to say, but for whatever reason I’m not saying it. That could be any number of things with me; I’m terrible for telling people how I feel. As in, I just find that I am incapable of actually opening my mouth and saying whatever is on my mind, if I’m at all worried as to what the other person’s reaction will be.

My cold seems to be clearing up, but the coughing and the feeling that I really need to clear my throat is almost constant now. Seems I really need to get something off my chest!

Today I went to the crystal shop in town and bought a silver “om” pendant with some turquoise in it, and some tumbled chrysocolla and amazonite…

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