Happy Friday everyone!
This week I have lots of things to be grateful for!
  • My friend Anne, who invited S and I to her daughter’s 2nd birthday party, drove to collect us, and made the world’s best trifle. It was so lovely to see S playing with Anne’s daughter. They even had a little dance together!
  • I’ve had a blog for the local newspaper for a few months now, and as of next week it will be printed in the local free paper instead! This is a massive deal for me, and I’m really pleased about it. 
  • I have had some great opportunities come my way lately, and I’m really excited about all of them. Even if nothing comes of any of it, it’s so nice to have these things even be an option!
  • I’m incredibly grateful to have a certain friend in my life; not least because he bought me a TV this week, completely out of the blue. He’s also just a very good friend to have around and gives excellent life advice.
  • I’m grateful for all the people I’ve met through this blog, for everyone on Twitter who answers my random tweets and chat to me.
  • I’m grateful for a lady who set up a closed group on Facebook for women who’ve been in similar (and much worse) situations to me. The help and support I get from those ladies is unfaltering and the lady who set the group up is a bit of a legend.
Now it’s your turn! 
You can link up any post that’s positive and happy. Let’s spread the happiness and positive vibes for the weekend!

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