I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to do fun things with S on our days off. This Sunday, the weather forecast was awful, and since she’s been a bit poorly I thought it might be a good idea to stay in. While we were out on Saturday, we bought new paint and brushes, some flour and other bits and bobs. My plan was to do some painting, bake cakes, and make pizza for tea… 

S absolutely loves painting, and she really enjoyed putting paint onto her hands and making hand prints on the paper. We put glitter in the paint too, which made if tun (but a bugger to clean up). However, once her hands are covered in paint, she seems to go entirely off the idea, and wants them washed immediately. So the painting turned out to be fairly short lived. 
We did have lots of fun with attempting hand and foot prints with some pens later though; apparently S is perfectly comfortable with being covered in pen and not needing to have it wiped off. Hands, feet, nose, mouth; it was even in her hair. 
It was so lovely to spend the whole day just mucking about. When I made the dough for our home made pizzas, she came and sat on the side next to me and played with her orange cloud dough (which has lasted 2 weeks now and is a great thing to have handy in the kitchen for when I’m cooking!).  We read lots of books, played with some lego, jumped on the trampoline and generally just had fun. There was even half an hour of tickling and laughing upstairs on the bed.
We never did get round to baking cakes though…
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