I was so excited to be offered the chance to review Instajunction. Mainly because I love to have my photos printed off, if I’m honest. 
Instajunction is a site that prints your Instagram photos. You can have them printed onto cards, charm bracelets, framed prints, coasters, mini books, all sorts. I opted to have some of mine printed onto fridge magnets, with the idea that they’d be a cute gift to put in Christmas cards for the family… Except I ended up keeping most of them to be honest!
A sheet of magnets costs £9.99 and comprises 12 magnets sized 5cm x 5cm. This is what my fridge looks like at the moment:
I love all the photos, and so does S. She likes to take them all down and play with them. 
If I were feeling more generous, they are the sort of thing you could easily slot inside of a Christmas card for a relative… but I’m pretty selfish, so I’ve kept all but a couple of them.
The Instajunction site is really easy to use – you can just log in to your Instagram account and click on the photos you want to use. The only time it gets a bit difficult is if you want to use photos you didn’t take recently. You have to scroll back page by page to see older photos, which can be a little annoying. On the whole though, it’s very user friendly. 
They were dispatched and delivered really quickly as well, I was really surprised when they turned up; I wasn’t expecting them for over a week but they arrived within a couple of days!
And the best part about this review is that I have a code for 15% off all orders placed up to the 31st December! Just enter FR10BT6X when you check out!
Disclaimer: I was provided with Instajunction products free of charge in exchange for writing this review, but the products were not dependent upon a favourable review. All words and opinions are my own.
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