Have you heard? They’ve made a Christmas special of Downton Abbey! What will happen next with the Crawleys?  Will they have a happy, uneventful Christmas? Since Julian Fellowes has said that he has more misery planned for season five next year, that seems doubtful.

Who will Lady Mary marry? Did Bates definitely kill? Will he tell Anna about it? What will happen with Rose and the jazz musician? And what is the deal with the pig man? Is he really all he seems? Hmm…
But now you can have your own Downton Abbey-esque experience – without the dramatic storylines, hopefully. Cumbrian Cottages have put together their top 5 English getaways in glorious manor houses.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to go away to one of these houses for a week and live the high life! I’d love to stand in the drawing room and order tea from the servants!
I love the idea of going off to some manor house in the deep dark countryside – preferably somewhere with no wifi and no mobile signal, so that I’m not even able to contact the outside world if tempted. I’d let S run around the gardens all day while I sat in a chair watching and sipping something suitably refreshing from a glass.
I like the look of number 3 on the list; not least because it’s in Giggleswick! What a great name! All of these places sleep loads of people, which is fantastic for a family getaway or a reunion with friends (I’m thinking of the 1992 movie, Peter’s Friends). Or, if you were feeling particularly flush, you could just hire it out for you and your family, and have a wing each, use a different bathroom each day and generally bask in the luxury of an old English manor house.
Or, for a romantic getaway, the fifth entry on the list seems idyllic; lots of grounds, but a cosy little cottage for just the two of you. This one has five stars for poshness, so you’d definitely be in for a treat!
And yes, I know I can’t afford any of this right now; but it doesn’t hurt to look, and imagine what you are sure your life will be like one of these days!
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