Elf has become something of a Christmas tradition since its release ten years ago. Every Christmas it’s on TV, and we all sit down with our families to watch, knowing that families all over the country are doing the exact same thing. It’s a sort of shared Christmas spirit.

This year though, Elf won’t be shown on TV. Or rather it will, but on Sky Movies – a channel a lot of people don’t have. I was really sad when I saw the link to this story on my Facebook timeline this morning. For a lot of people, Elf being shown on TV is the start of Christmas. 

Yes, I know we all have it on dvd these days, and you can get it through rentals or Netflix or wherever else… but there’s still something special about it being on TV, isn’t there.

I thought it might be nice then, to have an online “event” on the Sunday before Christmas, where we all agree to dust off our dvds, and watch Elf at more or less the same time. Then we can share in the Christmas spirit together, and stick our collective fingers up at Murdoch and his growing empire of exclusivity.

I’ve created a Facebook event here and I would absolutely love it if you’d join in – and invite all your friends to join in too. Let’s have our Christmas spirit, and start our festivities with a collective smile.
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Laura Huggins · 27/11/2013 at 08:38

Count me in :-)

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