Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter (what do you mean, you don’t?!) will have seen many photos of S in her lion suit.

It was sent to us by the lovely people at Debenhams to review… and I can now review that it is blummin awesome. We love it. S wears it pretty much every time we’re home for the afternoon. The photos on the website (here) really don’t do it justice and I was really surprised by how fluffy and cosy it is. It ranges from £19-21 depending on the size you buy; ours is 18-24 months which is £20. Normally I’d hate the idea of spending that much money on a single outfit… but this is so much fun. It’s one of the only things she’ll actually keep on while we’re at home, and I know it keeps her nice and warm. Plus there are poppers on the legs for easy nappy changing.

I took this photo the other day while we were messing about. As you can see, S has gone a little overboard with the colouring, and her lion suit ended up with a fair bit of pen on it. When we washed it, it came out as good as new and just as fluffy as when it went into the washing machine. This is a major plus for us, as S is a typical messy toddler and a lot of her clothes just don’t stand up to the dinner/pen/paint/milk/dribble/whatever she can get her hands on and constant washing. 
Debenhams also gave us this gorgeous Gruffalo t shirt:

You can’t see terribly clearly in the photo, but it says “Oh help! Oh No! It’s a gruffalo!” in yellow embroidered writing. The gruffalo is printed on next to it… and there’s a fox on the back!

I have to say, I took one look at the printed pictures and thought, yeah, I give that two washes maximum. I really expected them to just flake and peel off – but they didn’t. We really love this t shirt; S loves to see the Gruffalo on it and we always have to sit and read her Gruffalo book when she has it on. Also, I’ve just noticed it’s on offer at the moment and starts at £6.50. Perfect Christmas present for that little Gruffalo fan in your life!
The third thing Debenhams gave us is quite simply delicious. I’m actually looking forward to some proper cold weather so that she can wear it more often (despite it being too big!)
I usually hate pink things “for girls” and avoid them at all costs… but I saw this Ted Baker snow suit and just fell in love! It has lovely soft faux fur lining and a faux fur hood on the trim. There are the usual zips both sides to help them get in and out and two poppers at the top of each zip. As this suit is still too big for my little pickle, I put it on her with the poppers undone, and fold the neckline down a bit. The sleeves have those elasticated bits that flip over the hands as well, which is great because S is still not old enough to understand the concept of glove wearing. This thing is so thick and cosy, I really just wish they did them in adult sizes. These cost between £45-51 depending on the size. Ours is 18-24 months (hence why it’s so big on S) and cost £51 because it’s the largest size they do. 
Disclaimer: We were provided with these items free of charge in exchange for a review but this was not dependent on my writing a favourable review. All words and opinions are my own.
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