I was asked to review “Choc Extreme,” which is a food supplement containing Chocamine cocoa extract.

The idea is that the Choc Extreme capsules contain chocolate extract, which satisfies your craving for chocolate without you ending up knee deep in Quality Street wrappers.
They do seem to have a fair bit of caffeine in them though, so go steady if you’re sensitive to it – or if you already drink 50 coffees before lunch.
They’re pretty easy to take; you have 2 capsules per day, with food, before 3pm. 
I thought this was a load of old rubbish, but actually I did find that I went from going a few hours between chocolate bars to a few days. I would sit on my sofa in the evenings and think, “oh yeah, I’ve not had any chocolate today…” I found that actually, I was only eating when I was hungry – instead of  munching my way through the day like a blonde Very Hungry Caterpillar. I started to lose a little weight too; my clothes fit me better and I felt less bloated.
Then I changed hand bags and misplaced them… and started eating my bodyweight in chocolate every day. I found them the other day though so I think I might start taking them again – before there’s a serious chocolate shortage in Salisbury!
Disclaimer: I was provided with a pack of Choc Extreme for free in exchange for a review. This was not dependent on my writing a favourable review though; all words and opinions are my own.
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