Magic Moments: Afternoon Cuddles

S is usually too busy exploring and playing and drawing and building and mess-making for cuddles these days.

On Friday though, things were different. When I arrived to collect her from nursery, she was having her nappy changed – and she was crying. I’ve no idea why. I picked her up and gave her a cuddle, and the tears got worse. We got her dressed to leave, and she just about managed to stop crying enough to wave goodbye to her keyworker.

Normally S walks at least part of the way home, but today she wanted to cuddle me all the way home. I began to worry perhaps she was coming down with something.

When we got home, I sat her down on the sofa and put Carrie and David’s Pop Shop on; her favourite show. I put a blanket over her, and gave her Ted to cuddle, then sat down with her. We watched the whole 20-minute show cuddled up together under the blanket.

I always see people on Facebook and Twitter talking about watching movies on the sofa with their kids, but I’ve never done it with S; she’s a bit young to appreciate the joy that is a duvet day just yet. This was the first time we’ve sat and watched TV together, all curled up on the sofa together.

And the best part was… once the show was finished, she recovered from whatever was bothering her and we went on to have a rather fabulous weekend!

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  • The Reading Residence


    Sofa cuddles with little ones are just the best - glad S was brighter after it, too x

  • mother.wife.me


    Oh bless! There's nothing more lovely than snuggling up on the sofa with your child #MagicMoments

  • Kriss MacDonald


    That really does sound like a magic moment for both of you snuggling up on the sofa.

  • Mumof2.com


    Love duvet days or just the down time for everyone to recover and chill before the busyness starts again. Glad she felt better #magicmoments

  • mumturnedmom


    It's so lovely when they are in a snugly mood :) One the best things ever! #MagicMoments

  • Jaime Oliver


    awww honey, i am so so pleased that S wasnt poorly! i love the snuggle sofa time too :-)<br /><br />Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  • Coombe Mill


    Lovely cuddles and glad she didn&#39;t end up being poorly

  • Funky Wellies


    I love sofa cuddles... :) Glad she recovered quickly xx

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