Brit Mums Blog Carnival!

Well here I am, hosting my first ever Brit Mums Blog Carnival!
I love these posts; a fantastic opportunity to read posts from bloggers you might not have heard of before. It feels a bit like going to a cocktail party and being introduced to some really interesting people with great stories to tell.

So here’s your posh cocktail with an umbrella, and let’s get cracking!

First, I’d like you to meet Vanessa at Seven Year Hitch. She’s been blogging about her highlights of the Mad Blog Awards – I have to say I’m more than a little jealous that she went, even without the photo of Dr Ranj!

Maddie at Gammon & Chips has been campaigning to shut down ask.fm after the death of Izzy Dix, which is a horrible story that still needs to be read by parents everywhere.

On an altogether lighter note, Aby at You Baby Me Mummy has listed the different types of mummy… Obviously, I’m definitely a Mary Poppins mum. Ha!

Lisa at Hollybobbs has written a lovely post entitled Are You Beautiful that has really made me think about how I feel about myself and my body.

I had a good giggle at this post from Tas at Not My Year Off about a trip to the shops with her son that took an interesting turn when he got a new toy! I think that grimacing parent squirm is something we can all relate to!

Lottie at the Secret Divorcee has been pondering the idea of loving your children equally; something that makes me glad I only have the one to worry about!

Just the title of Jocelyn’s post on The Reading Residence made me smile: A Ramble and a Crumble is a lovely post about a ramble (unsurprisingly), with some heart-warming photos – and a recipe too!

Liz at Expression Confession has given up reading the news, and I really don’t blame her. Every time I’ve read the news lately it’s depressed me. I limit myself to local news and the headlines on local radio.

Sophie at Yummy Mummy Survival has a post about losing weight after a baby – and it has a before and after photo, which I always love.

Another post about crumble (I do love a good crumble, don’t you?) from Kiran at Mummy Says with some frankly gorgeous photos that make me wish there was an apple crumble delivery service… Perhaps I’ll set one up!

And finally, Laura at My Life as a Mummy has been for her 20 week scan! Hands up who’s broody after reading that!

Right, well now I’ve introduced you all, I’m off to get myself another umbrella drink. Do chat among yourselves!

Vicky is a mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. She writes about life as a single mother, parenting and lifestyle type things.

  • Laura Huggins


    Isn&#39;t it as bit too early to drink? ;-) <br /><br />Some lovely blogs mentioned here, some I haven&#39;t come across, so will give me something to read later.<br /><br />Thanks for including me in this and thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop<br /><br />Laura x x x

  • EmmaT


    So forgot to get organised and send my post...maybe next time! Some good reads in here, so thanks for hosting.

  • Sarah Wheeler


    Hi Vicky, what a great selection of posts. I&#39;ll be wending my way through them after tea! I&#39;m hosting the Britmums Carnival on 22nd October and hope you can join me then. Love to see some of you there too!<br /><br />http://crewcutandnewt.com/britmums-carnival/<br /><br />

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