Here are a few of the things S got up to over the weekend:

Single Mother Ahoy Weekend Mischief

  • On Saturday there were three outfits. The first got wet when she decided to crawl across the puddle-strewn top of the climbing frame at the park. The second got covered in sun cream when she reached her nursery bag down from the table, opened it, emptied it and found the sun cream at the bottom – and then somehow managed to take the lid off it and pour/spread it everywhere.
  • S’s sun hat was almost lost for good on Saturday morning while we were out. First it was dropped and only found when it got caught in the buggy wheels and stopped them turning. Then it was thrown at the biscuit aisle, then it was dropped and a member of supermarket staff had to chase us along the aisle shouting “excuse me…”
  • At least one of S’s dirty nappies over the weekend appeared to be filled largely with sand, leading me to believe the mischief was not exclusive to this weekend.
  • The rubber bath mat from the bathroom has somehow made its way into my bed around 5 times now.
  • On Sunday we required a clean outfit before 10am: I made the mistake of letting her loose in the park, and she decided the best thing to do with a wet slide and climbing frame was to mop up more water than she managed yesterday – with her dress and tights.
  • This weekend, I waved goodbye to three pairs of sunglasses. Two were old Primark ones, but one was the new pair I got from Next at the start of the summer! She loves to grab a pair of glasses by the arms and show off her immense strength by pulling them apart!
  • S also showed off her amazing superhuman strength on my glasses. The ones I wear every day. She grabbed them off my face while I was preoccupied with a particularly dirty nappy. By the time I got them back, they would have fit a giant’s face. I did my best to bend them back into shape… now they’re decidedly wonky.
  • We have learned how to climb up the legs of the highchair. I appear to be raising a monkey.
  • My purse was removed from my handbag approximately seven times this weekend. All cards were removed and shuffled like cards. 
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Jaime Oliver · 10/09/2013 at 20:32

goodness me she has kept you on your toes this weekend honey, my little man kills sunglasses almost weekly .. little buggers lol<br /><br />thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments <br /><br />P.s its a good job she is not older she may of just nipped out and bought herself the must have dress lol

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