Is it even possible to travel light once you have a child?

I have to say, I push the concept to its limits… usually because I’m so forgetful, and often neglect to bring spare nappies, clean muslins, spare outfits with me.

But what if you’re going further afield? How do you manage to travel light then?

When I go on holiday, I read a lot. I find the best way to travel light in that respect is to use an e-reader. I’m addicted to my Kindle, and since getting it I’ve found a whole lot more space in my suitcase for other things.

Another clever way of saving space when travelling is to take these with you: Zuuk shoes are kind of like an outdoor slipper, so they’re great for plodding about a camp site, or to the beach.

And then, for your glam evenings out, you can pack a couple of pairs of foldable ballet pumps. I like the Coco Rose ones, because they come with their own little pouch to store them in.

Back when I was a regular gym-goer, I discovered the joy that is travel towels – they take up so much less space than a normal towel, and dry out twice as fast as well. A genius invention, and a must when travelling anywhere.

Of course, my favourite way to travel light is to go somewhere very hot, so that you just need fewer clothes in your suitcase! Now that I have S though, I’m not so sure how that’s going to work out!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and I received some compensation for writing it.

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