Meet the Turtlemeter.

He’s cute, isn’t he. A cute little bath toy, right?

He is also a bath thermometer! There’s a clever little sensor in the base of the turtle, and when it’s in contact with water the display lights up and tells you the temperature of it.
I love the idea of this. It’s a lovely bath toy, first off. S loved playing with him (she especially enjoyed biting his head, and throwing him into the water from as high as possible in order to make a monumental splash!). It’s also really handy – I’m a terrible one for just randomly running the bath and not checking how hot or cold it is – so I end up in danger of either scalding or freezing my child!
The display is in Fahrenheit, which is not ideal if you think in Celsius – but seriously, who can remember what temperature the bath is supposed to be any way? This thing is completely idiot proof though – if the water is too hot, the display glows red. If it’s too cold, it glows blue. As you can see from the photo, I got a gold (green!) star and ran the bath at the right temperature – the display glowed green!
The Turtlemeter costs £9.99 from Amazon; it’s probably a good idea for a baby a little younger than S, perhaps for a first-time parent where they’re not sure or confident about bath temperatures. And as baby grows, they can use it as a bath toy as well. S loves our turtle!
Disclaimer: I received a Turtlemeter for free in return for writing this review, but that was not dependent on my writing a favourable review. All words and opinions are my own.
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