I don’t watch Dragons’ Den. I never got into it, and I’m fairly sure it’s on past my bed time. The fact the Running Mat was on Dragons’ Den a while back had no bearing on my jumping up and down screeching “Me! Me! Let me review it!” when the opportunity came up. I was doing that because it sounded like an awesome idea, and I was a bit irritated I’d not thought of it.
A few months ago, I did a free week of Simon Anderson Fitness Training Bootcamp. I was advised to bring a towel for all the exercises we had to do on the ground. It rained. Even when it wasn’t raining, the grass was wet. Bootcamp was in a park on the other side of town, so I pushed S home in the buggy with wet, muddy hands, and muddy prints on my knees and bum.
I debated bringing my bright pink rubber yoga mat to the park with me, but I didn’t want to look like some prissy girl who was scared of getting a bit muddy. But I am some prissy girl who’s scared of getting a bit muddy. The pink yoga mat was a bit big for me to stick under the buggy and walk across town for about an hour though.
This is me testing out the Running Mat:

Single Mother Ahoy Running Mat

Yeah, I know I look cool, and so do all the people who passed me in the park on their way to work, as I ponced about having my photo taken in running kit and sun glasses at 8am.

In case you’ve not realised, the Running Mat is a mat that you can fold up and clip around your waist. You run to where you’re going, unclip it, unfold it, put it on the floor, and Bob’s yer uncle. No more wet, muddy hands/back/knees at Bootcamp.

Single Mother Ahoy Running Mat

Here’s how it works. See the shiny silvery part? It’s waterproof, so you don’t get wet.

For people who do bootcamp – or just exercise outside on a regular basis – this is a simple yet genius invention. If you drive to bootcamp, or you’re not as prissy about getting wet and muddy as I am, you might see it as less of an investment.

Single Mother Ahoy Running Mat

I love my Running Mat, and since I go to the park to work out with my sister every week, it’s become something that’s used as often as my trainers and the goofy look on my face.

Single Mother Ahoy Running Mat

The mat is £19.95 including delivery – so again, good if you’re going to use it regularly and appreciate its water/mud-proofing abilities; not so good if you don’t mind getting wet and muddy as part of your workout, or you only workout once a month.

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