The lovely people at Dribblies asked me if I’d like to review one of their bibs.
I have a messy toddler, so of course I said yes!

Single Mother Ahoy Dribblies Bib

This is what S looks like when she eats yoghurt.
It’s not just the yoghurt you can see that’s the problem. She has also developed a rather marvellous habit where she sucks some drink from her cup, then spits it out, all down her front. You can’t see it, but in this picture her t shirt, trousers and bib are all soaked.

Single Mother Ahoy Dribblies Bib

This is S eating baked beans in her new Dribblies bib.
What you can’t see in this picture, is that the bib has a bit at the bottom that catches stray beans.
And spat-out liquid. and yoghurt…

Single Mother Ahoy Dribblies Bib

I think in this photo she’s made more mess than in the first one. The difference is, I can just take it off her, wipe the excess into the bin, and then wash it in the sink.
No matter how messy she’s been, how much drink she’s spat down herself, how determined my little pickle is to make a mess – I can just take the bib off, and her clothes are usually fairly unscathed.

You can get bibs like the Dribblies bib from most highstreet baby shops. But look closely at the photo. Hang on, here’s a close-up…

Single Mother Ahoy Dribblies Bib

There’s a cotton lining around the edge of the neck line, so it doesn’t dig in and irritate their neck.

Another thing you can’t see is that it’s rollable. In that you can roll it up and shove it in your changing bag if you’re off out somewhere. This is really good as you don’t have to sit there in a restaurant, trying to pick the least-messy food on the menu. Order the spag bol; let them chuck it all round the room at the other diners, safe in the knowledge that at the end of the meal, you can wipe their hands and face, put the bib in a bag and walk away unscathed. In this situation you are likely to be wearing more spag bol than your child.

The bib is BPA and Phthalate free.
It’s also apparently dishwasher safe – which I have not tried out as I do not have a dishwasher.

We are loving our Dribblies bib, and S has certainly been enjoying eating all sorts of messy, gloopy food in order to test it out.

The bibs come in four beautiful, bright colours and cost a grand total of £3.50 each.
We have numerous material bibs; the last lot I bought was 3 for about £4 I think. But they’re all stained with food spillages, and as I mentioned above – if anything liquid is spilled on them, it goes straight through to the clothing underneath. Also if they pull on over the head, then removing them usually means a new type of hair gel is deposited in S’s hair on the way up. Plus these days, one of the cloth bibs is probably only good for one or two wears before it needs to be put through the wash – so you need to have a fair few of them stashed in order to not run out.
So although you might think £3.50 is a bit steep for one bib, none of the problems I’ve just listed is an issue with a Dribblies bib. It doesn’t stain, it catches spillages without soaking them up, you don’t cover your child in what they’ve spilled when you remove it, and if you don’t fancy doing the washing up between meals you can just rinse it under the tap! (obviously I only tried that for the purposes of this review, and under normal circumstances I wash up everything, immediately after it is used) If you’re into being green, there’s the added bonus of not putting umpteen bibs through the washing machine every week – you’re filling the sink or running the dishwasher any way, and it’s not like it takes up much space in either!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Dribblies bib in exchange for writing this review. That was not dependent on my writing a favourable review though, and all words and opinions are my own.

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