Those lovely people at Crawlerz kindly sent S and I a “Safety Romper” to try out, which was nice.
What is a safety romper?
I hear you cry…
The best way to explain that is to tell you about most evenings, before S learned to walk. 
S was relatively late with her walking. And I have laminate flooring in 90% of my house. In the day time, she would just play on her play mats. In the evenings though, I would take her upstairs and put her into a sleepsuit, and then she would happily crawl off to play with her toys on the other side of the room and… splat. Her legs slid out from under her, and she face-planted the floor. Every. Single. Time. 
Suddenly the decision to purchase laminate flooring for the entire place didn’t seem such a fabulous idea.
Most sleepsuits for 9 months and upwards have grips on the soles of the feet. Some have them from 6 months.
Crawlerz sleepsuits have grips all the way up the legs. Here’s a picture of S in her Crawlerz sleepsuit:
Single Mother Ahoy Crawlerz
S is 17 months old now, but a lot of her clothes are still 9-12 months because she is quite small for her age. The sleepsuit she’s wearing in this picture is 9-12 months, as they only go up to 12 months. It fits her perfectly though, and even though she’s walking now, there’s still a fair amount of crawling to be done on any given evening.
Single Mother Ahoy Crawlerz
I think this is a really clever idea. I love them, and wish I’d found them when S was still crawling so that we could have had full use out of it!
One thing I don’t like is that their website is split into “Boys Range” and “Girls Range” – the sort of thing that infuriates me so much I purposefully buy S clothes from the boys’ range whenever I see these categorisations. They do have a white, unisex option though.
Single Mother Ahoy Crawlerz
This is the best photo I could get to show off the pattern on the legs; the paw prints are the same rubbery sort of material you’d get on the feet of other sleepsuits.
The best part? At the moment they have a sale on. They would normally be £19.99, but they’re currently reduced to £9.99. For me, £19.99 is a little steep because I’m on a fairly tight budget these days – but I do think I would have asked for one of these as a Christmas or Easter present if I’d known about them before. 
Disclaimer: I was given a Crawlerz sleepsuit free of charge in exchange for writing this review. That was not dependent on my writing a favourable review though; all words and opinions are my own.
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Kerrie Mc · 17/09/2013 at 23:03

Looks great. I'm the same with boy/girl labels – I like to mix it up x

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