Small Steps, Amazing Achievements: Spoons!

Single Mother Ahoy spoons
This week’s Small Steps, Amazing Achievements is one you might think is a bit… silly.
S has been feeding herself with a spoon for a while. But most of the food went down her front, because she’d put the spoon into the food, then turn it upside down to put it in her mouth.
Yesterday evening, I gave her yoghurt for pudding, as I usually do. As usual, I went to run a bath because I knew she’d need it when she was done!
Take a closer look at that picture up there ^^
She’s only got the spoon the right way up!! And less than half the yoghurt is down her t shirt!
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  • MamaMummyMum


    aaaww love this, layla still plasters herself in the yoghurt lol. popping by from the small steps amazing achievement linky :) x

  • SarahMummy


    Yay! Well done her! :)

  • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One


    Well done, she looks to be doing a better job than my Monkey does some evenings with his yogurt! #SSAA

  • Jane Roberts


    This isn&#39;t silly it&#39;s a small step amazing achievement ;0)<br /><br />Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements<br />x

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