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When I was contacted to review Gin Gins BOOST from the Ginger People, I jumped at the chance. Not because I suffer from travel sickness (which is what they’re really aimed at; a “potion for the motion”), but because I have a cold. Again. And because I’m still breastfeeding, I can’t take any of the usual medicines to get rid of it. Ginger is supposed to be a good remedy for colds… 
In fact, modern research has apparently confirmed that ginger can be an effective treatment for nausea, flatulence, flatulence and dizziness.
I’m going to let you in on a little secret here… I have IBS. And I’ve also had a fairly stressful few days. The two combined mean that I have suffered with more than one of the things on that little list there… Ideal opportunity then, to crack out the Gin Gins and see if they work as well as they say they do!
The big thing about these ginger sweets is the amount of actual ginger they contain. They contain 30% fresh ginger, and two per day contain the same level as was used in recent US trials. When you eat them, you can taste the ginger. It hits you. It’s quite nice!
If you like ginger, these sweets are perfect. They’re chewy and have a caramel taste with the ginger and certainly went some way towards unblocking my nose. They seem to have settled my stomach somewhat as well. 
I love that they are all individually wrapped in the packet as well – there’s nothing worse than rummaging through your bag to get your sweets, then finding the packet has opened, and your sweets are in the bottom of your handbag, covered in something suspicious and fluffy.
Gin Gins are available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide. At the time of writing cost £1.45 per pack. Each pack contains 12 sweets, meaning you’re paying about 12p per sweet. So they’re not sweets you would buy just to munch on. But if you suffer with any sort of stomach complaint (or have a pain in the arse cold you’d like to sort out), I really would recommend these. I will be keeping them in my cupboard for if the stomach ache returns as they seem to have done pretty well with that!
Disclaimer: I received a free pack of Gin Gins BOOST in return for writing this review, however this did not depend on my writing a favourable review. All opinions are my own.
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