We absolutely love toys in this house. S is at that age now, where she interacts and plays a lot more with things. It’s such fun to watch, but also to join in with. Here is a selection of our favourite toys:

Single Mother Ahoy toys

When we go shopping and she has to stay in the buggy, S will usually happily sit and play with her noisy books. She has two: a chirpy chirpy chick, and this froggy one. To be fair, she doesn’t do much reading; just sits and presses the button over and over again.

S has a selection of toys upstairs in the bedroom, for when I’m in the shower or getting dressed. At the moment her favourite is this V Tech Alphabet Apple which my brother and sister in law handed down from my niece and nephew. To be honest, she doesn’t learn much about the alphabet or apples from it; she just likes to turn the hands on the clock to hear the voice say “1 o clock… time to feed the…” and list an animal.

S is long past the stage where she needs a baby walker, but she has a V Tech First Steps walker which she still enjoys pushing around the house… Unfortunately the batteries have run out on it… That’s a shame, isn’t it!

This zebra was also handed down by my brother and sister in law. I think they saved all the noisy toys as payback for the noisy and messy stuff I’ve bought their kids over the years! This thing scares the crap out of me on a regular basis, randomly bursting into song whenever it’s accidentally knocked. S loves it though, and now she’s big enough to get on and off it without my help, spends a lot of time jumping up and down on it. It’s especially good because the zebra turns around on the base, so S can turn herself to face whichever direction she pleases without too much fuss. The noise though… Maybe the batteries will run out soon…

For her birthday this year, I bought S this box of Duplo. I specifically chose a green one, rather than the gender specific pink or blue boxes Lego seem to be moving towards these days. Unfortuantely, before she was old enough to appreciate the building blocks, she was young enough to appreciate tearing up and chewing on the leaflet that came in the box. But since when have kids ever needed instructions for playing any way! At the moment she’s still at the “ooh look, it makes a great noise when I fling it all out of the box, and it’s all different pretty colours!” stage, but I know this toy is one that will last her for years.

Still though, her favourite toys are the things that aren’t supposed to be toys. She is still playing with the cardboard tube from the middle of the extra-long foil roll we had at Christmas. TV remotes and glasses cases both double up as make-believe phones, and of course, mummy’s pens. On days when I’ve managed to keep all of those things out of her reach though, she plays with toys.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and I have received some compensation in return for writing this post.

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