I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog Every Day in August challenge.
Day 29 is: What’s on your mind.

What’s mostly on my mind at the moment is that I have the day off, and a million things to do. All the things I’ve been putting off while S and I were on holidays are starting to pile up, and I need to sort them.

Here is a taster of my to-do list for the day:

  • Write outstanding review posts
  • Look into the pros and cons of being self-employed
  • Speak to the health visitor because I was too disorganised to get S to clinic to see her while we were off
  • Write articles for two websites before they are late
  • Research local goings on for my blog on the local paper website
  • Do a ton of online work for a client
  • Research and write a report about how children believe things float for my final assessment in the Child Development module I’ve been studying.
As well as doing the laundry, cleaning etc. And to be honest, I’m so knackered lately all I want is a nap.

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