Day 16 is: Tradition

We don’t really have any traditions in our family… unless you count slagging each other off and having pointless arguments.
I have my own tradition, though. It’s pretty silly, but I love it.
I take hundreds of photos; we’ve established that. 
S was born on a Monday. Every Monday, I make sure I take a good photo. One where you can see how much she’s grown, what she looks like. I save them all in a special folder. I do the same thing on the 9th of every month, and each month I can’t help but look back over the collection, and see how much my tiny little pickle has grown, how much she’s changed, but also how much she’s stayed the same.
I thought I’d probably stop once she turned 1; at least the weekly photos. Turns out I didn’t want to. So I’ve kept going. We’re up to 16 months now, and 70 weeks. I still love taking the photos; I still love saving them in a special folder; I still love looking through them and smiling.
These are the photos I’ve saved since she turned 1 (except this week’s):

Single Mother Ahoy Tradition Montage
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Sarah Winder · 16/08/2013 at 20:36

What a fab idea and a very good tradition x

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