I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog Every Day in August challenge.
Day 5 is: Something New.

Single Mother Ahoy Clinique

I was very naughty yesterday. I saw that Boots was doing a Clinique “bonus time” – where you buy two products, and get a free makeup bag with some products inside.

I can’t normally afford to do things like this, but I had been saving my Boots card points up “for a rainy day” and was sure I probably had enough to do this… so I bought some clarifying lotion, and some CC Cream. I love Clinique clarifying lotion, but it’s not normally something that fits into my budget now I have a child to care for and nappies to buy etc. The CC Cream is something I’ve seen advertisements for, and wanted to try for a while. 
The makeup bag contained a small pot of eye cream, a travel size tube of face wash, some face cream, some nail varnish, a clever double thingie with mascara on one end and lip gloss on the other, and some mini nail files. 
I’m looking forward to trying it all!
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