Day 8 is: Get Crafty

I’ve struggled with this one. I’m not really a crafty person! 
But it’s my mum’s birthday next week, and I thought it would be nice to make her something from S.
(apparently it’s bad form to just give them a photo of the two of you for every birthday and Christmas)
So I decided to make a salt dough hand print.
I made up some salt dough like I used with these Christmas decorations, but I used some red paint and glitter.
Single Mother Ahoy salt dough hand print 1
When I mixed the dough, despite using what I thought was very little salt and flour, I ended up with a lot of it.
Single Mother Ahoy salt dough hand print 2
So we made three hand prints, and I figure we’ll decorate them, and just pick the best one. And the other two… I’ll use as paper weights, since I can’t possibly ever throw out anything with my daughter’s hand print on it.
Single Mother Ahoy salt dough hand print 3
Don’t worry, I can post my mother’s birthday present on here without fear of being found out; she knows about the blog, but she doesn’t read it.

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Kerrie McGiveron · 12/08/2013 at 07:23

Looks like good fun. My Mum reads my blog – but I've told her not to shout at me if I swear! :)

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