I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog Every Day in August challenge.
Day 13 is: Best Bit of My Day

Originally I was going to say that the best part of my day was waking up next to S. But to be honest, sometimes she wakes up at shit-o-clock, and sometimes she wakes up crying. And sometimes she wakes me up by punching me in the throat or kicking me in the head.
Then I thought about it, and realised that actually, my favourite part of the day is after bath time. We do the same thing every time she has a bath (which is most nights):
S spends ages in the bath, splashing and shouting and throwing her toys for me to pick up (“uh-oh!” “oopsie!”). When I pick her towel up, she stands up and starts to giggle.
I pick her up, wrap her in the towel, and hold her up to have a look in the mirror. More giggling.
We go into the bedroom and I lay her down on the bed and dry her hair. She giggles and chatters. I try and get her to stay still, at least long enough to put a nappy on her. Then the fun begins.
The latest fun game is to stand up on the bed, steady herself on the mattress, and then make her way to the end where her cot is. She holds on to the bars, turns around, and then launches herself at the other end of the bed. That end is where the duvet and pillows are all piled up during the day, and where I’m sitting. She ends up belly-flopping, either onto the duvet or onto me. More giggling.
After about ten minutes of this, I’ll usually wrestle her into her PJs. Then she’ll escape onto the floor, and practise running up and down the length of the room, giggling to herself. 
I keep some crackers in the bedroom, for when S wakes up hungry in the mornings. We ran out the other day, so I brought a new box upstairs, and emptied them out into a plastic bag. Because I’m rubbish at housework, and I know how S loves boxes, the box is still kicking about on the floor. 
Since the new box has been with her toys, S has enjoyed playing with it. The last couple of nights, she’s managed to open up the other end of it. When she realised it was now a tube, she started looking through the end of it… and my face appeared there. Ridiculous belly laughs ensued. How can you not play that game for hours on end?
Eventually, when she’s worn out from running and bouncing and giggling, S will usually come and give me a cuddle, and then I’ll put her to bed. That half hour of madness is definitely the best part of my day.

Single Mother Ahoy best bit of my day
How can you not laugh, looking at how much fun she’s having!

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