I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog every Day in August challenge.
Day 6 is: A Day in Our Life.

I’ve done a couple of these “Day in the life” posts before. This is how our day goes when I’m working, now that we’re a little more settled into the routine:

Single Mother Ahoy Day in Our Life

5:50 Alarm goes off. I lay in bed until the 6am news, trying to will my eyes to open. S usually cries, wanting a drink and a cracker.

6am Get up, have a shower while S totters about the place. She often comes in and leans over the side of the bath to watch the water splashing. Many times she’ll bring inappropriate bath toys in for me, like books and electronic toys. If I am too vigorous in my asking her not to throw them in the water, she cries.

6:10am Get out of the shower and attempt to apply various lotions and potions whilst keeping S entertained, picking her up when she falls over, tripping over her toys etc. Wish I’d had the forethought to put together an outfit the night before. Try to remember to apply makeup so as not to horrify my work colleagues.

7am is the cut-off point for making sure we are downstairs. I get S some breakfast and she sits in the highchair merrily flinging it at me or the walls while I go online, check my emails and Facebook notifications etc.

7:30am Hopefully by now S has finished her breakfast. Quite often she hasn’t, as she likes to have a good old chat to it and about it before actually eating it.

7:45 Absolute latest point I can get her out of the highchair. Change her nappy, try to make her look reasonably clean, put on some clean clothes. Apply sunscreen without getting it all over her clothes or mine. Ask her to find her shoes.

7:55 Mad rush to make sure I have my packed lunch from the fridge, a cardigan/coat, a brolly, my pass for work, my mobile, my purse. Switch the laptop and radio off. Put S’s sun hat on her, usually a jacket as well. Put the sling on, put her shoes on, put her in the sling. Do a quick scan of the living room to see if I can see anything I’ve forgotten (there’s usually something).

7:56 Leave the house and wander to nursery. If we’re a little early, I’ll let S out of the sling half way there, and she’ll walk the last bit.

8am Drop S at nursery. Spend a little time chatting to her keyworker, informing them of how well she’s slept, whether she’s had enough breakfast, anything else they might need to know. These days she usually heads off to play without much of a fuss.

8:15am stop in Costa for a coffee – I don’t do this every morning, just the days when I feel a bit crappy and I have change in my purse (or points on my Costa card) to pay for it.

8:30am arrive at work. Plonk down at my desk and try to remember my password to log into the system. Check emails, unlock drawers, get a drink, log into the phones.

9-12 take phone calls about pensions.

12-12:30 Lunch time. Mad rush into town to buy anything we might need for tonight’s tea, or lunch if I forgot to bring a packed one with me.

12:30-3:30 take phone calls about pensions.

3:30 finish work, nip to shops if I’ve missed anything.

4pm Collect S from nursery. These days, I let her walk part of the way home so what used to be a 5 minute journey is now often a 40 minute meander.

Hopefully before 5pm: Give S her tea and sit next to her while she eats it.

While S eats her pudding, (usually a yogurt or jelly) I go upstairs and run her a bath.

Up to 6pm: as much splashing and fun in the bath as we can cram in.

By 6pm: out the bath, nappy and PJs on, play with toys and read books in the bedroom.

6:30pmish: Attempt to get S to sleep. Lately this part isn’t working so well, and so we have:

7pm: go upstairs to screaming child, calm her down, feed her, put her back down to go to sleep.

8pm: go upstairs to screaming child, calm her down, feed her, put her back down to go to sleep.

10pm: give up and go to bed.


Vicky is a mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. She writes about life as a single mother, parenting and lifestyle type things.

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kimmie stuckinscared · 09/08/2014 at 08:22

I dunno about you, but I'm out of breath! – Fab post, made me smile; knowingly! :)

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