I am taking part in Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog Every Day in August challenge.
Day 17 is: 5 Favourite Blogs

I hate things like this for two main reasons: 1. I read a lot more than 5 blogs, and don’t like to single out individuals, for fear of upsetting people or making them think I don’t read their blog or something. And 2. I can never remember the name of the blog, or link it to that person’s Twitter ID or a face or a name. I’m rubbish. I sit here and think “oh yeah, that one with the kid who has the really cute face and he was doing that thing with the truck that time…” but I couldn’t tell you whose kid it was, which blog it was on, or who tweeted the link.

Any way. Here are 5 blogs at random from my Bloglovin feed…

Our Muddy Boots: Love, love, love this blog. It’s one of the first parenting blogs I started reading, and it really helped me to find myself as a parent, and decide on the path I want to take. I think I love this blog so much because Jennifer started off parenting in the more “traditional” way before changing what she was doing and opting for a more gentle approach. To me that makes her words more authentic: there’s hope for us all!

Edspire: I think the entire parent blogging community knows about Jennie and the horrible time she’s had. Her posts generally make me cry but I can’t stop reading them; because between the tears there are laughs and smiles and beautiful photos of her children and their play, which make me really jealous of all the cool toys they have and the fun things they do. (check out the post about the mega ramp; I guarantee you will be consumed with envy)

Playing by the Book: I have no words for this blog. In each post Zoe introduces a book and its basic story, and then she and her kids do some sort of play, based on the book. So if it’s a book about camping, they’ll camp in the garden. If it’s a book with a particular style of illustration, they might try and make a similar type of picture. With each post when she introduces the book I can’t wait to see how she’s translated this story into a play session. Great fun.

No Time for Flash Cards: Another US-based blog, this one has a few different contributors. There are literally hundreds of ideas on here for fun, educational things to do with your kids – from a very young age. I’ve enjoyed trawling through the archives for fun things to do with S, but also just to see the fun stuff they do with older kids. There are so many different arts and crafts on here, it’s a great resource for school holidays and rainy weekends.

Mums Make Lists: What can I say, this blog is freaking genius! Endless resources for how to do things, but also places to link up your own posts. I love the idea behind this blog – that it’s providing a resource rather than just presenting one person’s views or tips. There’s a weekly Empty Your Archive post, which has several different topics to link up on, and there’s a massive Mummy Archive, where you can just link up any post you think is a bit awesome. Love it. Fantastic concept; I’m gutted I didn’t think of it myself!  

So there we have it!
What are your favourite blogs? I’d love to find some new ones to read!

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