Earlier this week I made a post where I deliberated about putting S into nursery for an extra day.

Well, I took her to nursery on Thursday morning, feeling terribly guilty about looking forward to going for a run when I got home.

Normally when I drop her off at nursery, I hand her over to one of the staff, and she maybe whines a bit, or clings to me, or to them.

This time, I put her on the floor next to some other children and toys, because I had to sign a form. When I looked up, she was happily playing with some toys, completely unbothered whether I was there or not.

In the afternoon, the nursery was running a first aid course, which meant that S stayed on for an hour and a half longer than usual. She had her tea there, which she doesn’t normally do.

When I sneaked into the room to pick her up, she walked up to me, showed me the toy she was playing with, and wandered off again. She was far too busy playing, and when it came to going home I had to call her several times to come to me!

Her sheet for the day told me she’d had a fab day. She had so much fun, in fact, she had 2 changes of clothes and came home in spare nursery clothes after hers got soaking wet. She had pen all over her face, and had drawn me a picture. Apparently she enjoyed making farm animal noises, and ate well.

So really, I needn’t have worried!

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