When the good people at Tesco offered me some clothes for S to try out, I almost bit their hands off!

I had a look through the website, and these are the clothes we were sent:

This denim patchwork dress costs £12.
S’s nursery have a rule that children’s clothes must cover their shoulders. It’s pretty hard these days, to find a dress that covers shoulders and isn’t designed for Winter! Although the dress is labelled as denim, it’s actually light cotton, and perfect for those warm summer days. S is also a bit small for her size, so this dress will probably still fit her long after Summer is over and done with – but I think it’ll look pretty good with tights and a long-sleeved vest underneath. Also (the best part) it washes well! I’ve washed it a few times since we received it, and it still looks just as good as new. 
This Cheeky t shirt is actually a boy’s shirt, but it’s cute and suits S so balls to the whole gender thing. The best part? It’s only £2! For me, the best part is the dark colour: hides a lot more spills and dribbles than anything pink or white! Usually, when a t shirt only costs £2 you expect that it’ll only be good for a few wears and then it’ll shrink or go a bit horrid in the wash – but actually, I’ve washed this shirt several times now, and it’s still good as new. I’m very impressed, will definitely be looking to Tesco for more t shirts!
I was secretly pleased when the weather changed, because it meant we got to try out these awesome Cookie Monster sleepsuits! They start from £8 for the double pack, but we got them in 12-18 months so they were £9. The one with the all-over pattern has the normal poppers up the front, and the white one goes over the head, with the “letterbox” neckline and poppers between the legs. My little pickle is a little small for them, so these will last a while! I’ve not washed them yet though, so can’t comment on how they fare in that respect. Again, I think they’re probably meant for boys, but the last time I checked all kids loved Sesame Street characters. And cookies.
I am in love with this pink zip-up jacket; I’ve included a link from when I ordered it, but it doesn’t seem to be available any more. That’s a real shame, because this thing has been worn to absolute death! Seriously, you know when you have that one thing where you have to choose very carefully when you wash it… that’s this jacket. I really hope Tesco bring it back soon. It’s good quality, lightweight so perfect for summer, has a hood, and a zip that S finds easy to run up and down herself. Also, usefully, it’s too big for her so it’ll last forever! Please Tesco, start stocking this jacket again!
Disclaimer: Tesco provided me with these clothes free of charge, in exchange for a review. This was not dependent on my writing a favourable review though; all opinions are my own.
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Caroline · 30/07/2013 at 11:16

Great freebie haul! I love the sleepsuits. One question- why does the nursery say children have to cover their shoulders? Is that common across all nurseries? I'd never heard that before (not that I have children so no reason I should know it, but it sounds odd!).

    Vicky Charles · 30/07/2013 at 13:17

    I think the rule is to do with sunshine really – they want the shoulders covered so there's less risk of burning. That's what I took it to mean any way.

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