Wordless Wednesday – More Peekaboo!

Went to get S from an afternoon nap last week and this is what I found… 
Peekaboo is such a favourite game, she’ll even play it on her own!

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  • Rebecca


    ohh! Such a cuty little boy! :) handsome! <br /><br />Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is <a href="http://www.interiorexteriordesigns.com/2013/05/ww-tomato-strobe-setup" rel="nofollow"> here</a>.

  • Karren Haller


    She is a doll, they love peek a boo! Great way to get them out of a bad mood! <br /><br />Hope you have time to stop by this week and join in the WW fun!<br /> <a href="ohmyheartsiereviews.com/wordless-wednesday-10/" rel="nofollow"> Oh My Heartsie WW&quot; w/Linky</a><br />

  • Gunilla Bäck


    Very cute!

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