Do you ever think perhaps the universe is trying to tell you something?
First my friend Simon Anderson invited me to join in a free week of his fitness bootcamp. I’d heard great things, and seen amazing photos, so I jumped at the chance… and then realised there was a diet element to it too, and I had to give up all sorts of dietary crutches like Coke and sugar and bread. I did it for a week, and felt very… clean. When the week was up I thought, “well, one little can of Coke wouldn’t hurt…” and fell off the wagon, just like that.
Then I noticed Amy at Curls & Coffee was doing a sugar detox. She was Instagramming her meals and I asked a million questions: “what’s that?” “how’d you make that?” She also seemed to be really loving it, feeling happy and healthy.
Then I went back to work. Each day I go in and sit at a desk, and I eat my way through whatever I can get my hands on – my nice, healthy home-made salad, but also Coke, crisps, chocolate, cake, biscuits. I’ve put on weight in the last couple of weeks, and I know full well I’m eating out of boredom (or something else) rather than hunger. I know this needs to stop. I’m exhausted, and the amount of crap I’m eating is making that a lot worse, as well as contributing to my mood being the lowest it’s been in a year. This needs to stop.

single mother ahoy & baby ahoy
My body doesn’t look *too* bad… but it feels awful!

This week a PR company contacted me, asking if I’d like to try the Patrick Holford Low GL diet. We had a brief chat, and they’re sending me some books about it, a cookery book etc, and I’m to report back to them periodically about how I’m getting on. I’m fairly sure Patrick Holford does not suggest eating 3 bars of chocolate per day, even if they are on 3 for £1.20 in Tesco. May need to knock that on the head!
And finally, last night a lady I met at the bootcamp came round. She is training in systematic kinesiology, and I offered myself up as a case study – having no clue what that entailed. It’s one of those things where the person tells you what they’re going to do, and you go “oh right, yeah” and in your head you’re thinking “hmmm yeah right” But blow me if it didn’t seem to actually work. She was able to tell that I drink a lot of caffeine, that I don’t get enough water, that I don’t eat fried foods… and she made my hip stop hurting for the first time in months. Not to mention my complete lack of back pain when I got up this morning! It was embarrassing to have her figure out just how much crap I must be eating, that every part of my body was quietly suffering for it.
So it seems that perhaps it is time I sorted my shit out, diet-wise… Watch this space… 

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Kim Carberry · 18/05/2013 at 15:12

Ohh good luck with the diet x

Deborah Patrick · 19/05/2013 at 10:21

Good luck! Dieting is so hard! I am in Slimming World myself and starting a 30 day fitness regime tomorrow! #godhelpme! x

    Vicky Charles · 25/06/2013 at 15:41

    I think choosing shortly after I'd gone back to work was a bad time to start a diet…

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