The Steep Learning Curve

S has been at nursery for a month now, and already she’s learning things…

baby excited at standing

  • She’s learned to eat off a plate/from a bowl without giving in to the urge to turn it over and launch her food across the room.
  • She can now turn individual pages in a book, and will sit and read through her books, one page at a time.
  • She can now take several steps unaided – has started doing it without me holding my arms out… or even watching her (that she knows of)
  • She can, on occasion, take a drink from her cup without immediately spitting it all down her front.
  • She will now let an adult wipe her nose, rather than covering her face with her hands and opting instead to wipe the snot on the nearest available leg.
  • She points to things. A lot.
  • She says “Hi” and “Bye” a lot more than she did before, and waves at every available opportunity.
  • When she is eating, she has learned to put her hand to her mouth to push errant bits of food in, rather than just moving her head to try and catch what was trying to escape.
  • She has learned to eat all sorts of new and exciting foods she wouldn’t have had at home.
  • She’s learned to go to sleep without me, and sleep for a reasonable amount of time, on a regular basis. In fact, I think she now sleeps better at nursery than at home.
  • She says “ta” when you give her something
  • She appears to have learned that when I leave her, I’m coming back.
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  • mother.wife.me


    Aw, precious experiences that will become happy memories! It's amazing how quickly they learn and adapt to life isn't it!

  • Christina L


    Wow you must be so proud :)so cute x

  • Jaime Oliver


    awww what a star! she is doing so so well. they change so so quickly at this age dont they.<br /><br />Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  • mummywifewoman


    its amazing the effect nursery has on our little ones isnt it. My eldest came on in leaps and bounds when he started too. <br />Well done to your little Princess. She&#39;s doing amazing! #ssamazingachievements

  • over40andamumtoone


    Well done, looks like she&#39;s having a great time learning lots of new skills #ssamazingachievements

  • Sara Murray


    What a lovely list :) So wonderful to be able to look back on all her amazing achievements! #ssamazingachievements

  • Orli D


    Great list! Amazing achievements! She looks absolutely precious. <br />

  • Helen


    she looks over the moon, nursery is such a great experience looks like she is lapping it up

  • Jane Roberts


    Its amazing how much they learn from other children. Ethan learns so much from nursery, more than we will ever know. Love your comment about sleep, perhaps I should send Ethan to nursery for full days lol. <br /><br />Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)<br />x

  • Mummy of Two


    It is amazing how quickly they come on when they start nursery isn&#39;t it, feels like they learn something new every week

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