A few weeks ago, a local fitness trainer had a free week of his “Get Out Get Fit” bootcamp. He’s done them before, but always in the evenings, and I couldn’t get to them. When I heard he was running sessions in the day this time around, I jumped at the chance to join in! For that week, I cut out most sugar, all wheat, most carbs, and all Coca Cola and chocolate – a massive step for me.
I also worked my arse off at his bootcamps, and felt fantastic for it!
Then the week ended. I resolved to try and stick to most of the diet tips I’d been given, and to try and keep up with the exercise. It didn’t last long, and in the last couple of weeks I’m fairly sure I’ve eaten more than my body weight in chocolate and crap. The early half of this week, I felt awful.
So I’ve decided to do something about it. May will be Single Mother Ahoy Workout Month.
It starts with this:

Simon Anderson Fitness Training 1-2-3 Body Blitz Challenge
You can’t see it very clearly, but it’s the 1-2-3 Body Blitz Fitness challenge. On Day 1 (1st May) you do 1 press up, 2 Burpees and 3 Squats. Then you increase the number of each exercise by 1, 2, and 3 respectively each day. So today I did 3 press ups, 6 Burpees and 9 Squats. By the end of the month you’re doing 31 press ups, 62 Burpees and 93 Squats… which will be interesting.
Besides this, I’m doing HIIT workouts, which I love mainly because they’re so short so even if you hate the exercise you’re doing (like burpees) you’re only doing them for a short time so you can just grin and bear it.
My diet is a tough one to master, because I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, and drink a lot of Coke. There’s no point in my saying I’m not going to eat any crap for the next month, because I’ll fail horribly and then give up. I’m going to cut back though, and make more of a conscious effort to plan meals ahead of time, so that I’m not caught out. And I’m going to stop eating the things I know make me feel crappy. Bread, pasta, the usual suspects.
Depending on the response I get to this post, I may or may not blog about it weekly throughout May. We all know I’ll be going on about it on Facebook and Twitter any way. And there will definitely be a post at the end of the month to show my progress – that way I won’t be tempted to chicken out half way through, or to suddenly sit down and eat a couple of pairs of cakes, which is what usually happens.
Anyone care to join me?

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