This week, S and I received a book from Cheeky Harry and Friends.

Cheeky Harry Loves... book cover

The book was a free gift, and they didn’t expect a review – but we both love it, and after recent discussions about the sexist nature of childrens’ toys I was really impressed by this book.

Look at this:

Cheeky Harry is a boy, and he’s dancing. In a tutu.
And this:

He’s wearing pink goggles, and a pink rubber ring!

These are only small details in a child’s board book, but I believe they are important. All too often, boys are depicted wearing only blue, and doing “boyish” activities (building with blocks, playing football, etc). To see a male character in a childrens’ book wearing pink, and dancing in a tutu, is pretty amazing as far as I’m concerned. It’s so refreshing to see a book where the main character is just doing fun stuff, without it being specifically boys’  stuff or girls’ stuff.
S loves this book, I think because the pages are thick and easy to turn without my help. The pictures are brightly coloured, so she can enjoy turning the pages and “reading” it without my help – but it’s all the more fun when I join in!

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