• I have not had more than half an hour to myself for 3 days.
  • I have not slept more than 2 hours in a row since Tuesday.
  • I have not been able to do so much as go to the toilet without taking a sniffling, screaming, separation anxiety-fraught baby with me. Even then she screams when I put her down on the floor right next to me and must be clinging to me at all times.
  • I have not called the council to chase up their repair of my bedroom and bathroom ceilings after the roof leak.
  • I have not called the doctor to make an appointment for S to have her 1 year jabs (including MMR)
  • I have not called the council to get them to put child-proof safety latches on my windows.
  • I have not sorted through a year’s worth of S’s old clothes, photographed them and put them on one website or another to sell.
  • I have not checked through my wardrobe to see if there is something sensible to wear to work in an office.
  • I have not vacuumed the living room floor for an alarming number of days.
  • I have not bought and stewed more apples for S’s supper.
  • I have not studied this week’s material in my English module.
  • I have not started the assignment that is due in next week.
  • I have not cleaned the kitchen.
  • I have not started a Tesco online order, and we are running out of food.
  • I have not taken the living room apart in an attempt to find the missing stereo remote.
  • I have not done the hand and foot prints I promised myself I’d do with S this week.
  • I have not sorted through S’s toys to get rid of the ones that are too young for her.
  • I have not made a list of relevant information for the calls I need to make on my first day back at work (stop Income Support, start Tax Credits, that sort of thing)
  • I have not made a list of the questions I need to ask the nursery
  • I have not sorted out a suitable work handbag for me, or a nursery bag for S.
  • I have not taken S to the library to choose more books.
  • I have not written a proper blog post.
  • I have not given S a bath today.
  • I have not done the washing
  • I have not done the washing up
  • I have not taken the bins out
  • I have not sorted out the recycling
  • I have not tidied up the toys in my bedroom
  • I have not cleaned the bathroom
I have also not called a local charity to see if they will swap my large sofa for a smaller one, so that I can take an armchair off my mum’s hands. This is what she’s most concerned about; I need to “get on and do it” apparently. 
Nothing like a bit of family support, is there. Ah well, onwards and upwards; nobody’s going to help me so I’d better just get on with it myself.

This post was a bit miserable and self-pitying, so I made a more positive one here about the things I have achieved.

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Caroline · 13/04/2013 at 16:49

Don't forget you have also not given up, not gone back to that idiot, not crumbled and instead stood strong and provided a home and great start to your daughter's life. But I know how you feel, my to do list seems unmanageable most of the time and I've only got myself to look after!

Tatty Di · 13/04/2013 at 17:04

Exactly what Caroline said. You also have not done bad at all x

HayleySarah · 14/04/2013 at 11:13

Omg how hectic, I am sending you good thoughts and really hope you manage to get some sleep soon!! Xx<br />

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