Today was my first day back at work in 13 months.
Thirteen months spent getting dressed when I felt like it, mooching about, watching daytime telly (or CBeebies), not needing to brush my hair, not needing to worry about the snot and ground-in rusk on every item of clothing by mid-afternoon most days.
Almost thirteen months of spending all day, every day with my little pickle. Of talking in silly voices and cuddles on demand and perhaps sharing her mid-morning nap if I was tired, and playing with her teddies and mucking about in the ball pit and reading story books and very occasionally sneaking off somewhere for a couple of hours (usually for something delightful like a doctor or dentist appointment).
Thirteen months away from work; thirteen months away from the office, from the logins and the phones and the programs that are used on a daily basis, and the office banter, and the knowing who’s who and the knowing the gossip and the whispers.
Clearly knowing something was afoot, S was awake and wriggling by 5:30 this morning. She was a happy little wriggler though, and we actually managed to get out of the house early! This was good, as it meant I had time to sit and play with her at nursery and make sure she was really settled before I left. 

baby in sling
Us, this morning

Work was interesting. It was weird going back there, not least because all the desks and teams have moved, and most of my team has left and been replaced by new people I don’t know! It was a nice day though, getting to know new people, catching up with old ones, trying desperately to remember what all the different programs were for. It went fairly quickly.
As soon as 3:30 rolled around I was up and out of the door and off to pick up S, with a quick stop in Tesco to pick up her favourite for tea. I had called once during the day, but was scared to call again – because if they said she was crying I knew there was no chance I’d want to stay at work, and that realistically they need to be able to calm her without me being there – and she needs to get used to them doing that! 
I was let in the front door and rushed up the 2 flights of stairs… as I put my head round the door S looked up and immediately put her arms up to be picked up; she looked like she might cry! I gave her a big cuddle and her keyworker came and had a long chat with us (S joined in) about what they’d been up to. 
S’s daily feedback sheet for today says:

S has had a lovely first day. She has been a little sad at times, mainly when she was getting tired. S had a much better afternoon sleep and has been very happy and chatty this afternoon. S went to sleep in a pushchair this afternoon and we have been enjoying having cuddles during the day. S has been very confident in going off to explore the room by herself.

The feedback sheet also informs me she had chilli, rice and garlic bread for lunch, though her clothes were relatively clean, and the bib I put in her bag was apparently unused. I am unsure as to the witchcraft they have used to get food into my child – but I want them to share their secrets!!
All in all, I don’t think I could have hoped for a better first day back at work.

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Victoriaaa · 22/04/2013 at 20:32

I recently went back to work too, and like you most of the people were new. I felt like the new girl again. It was the first time i left Rio too.. its hard but isnt it so rewarding at the end of the day to rush home missing them? <br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">WTPP – The little lady with a baby!</a><br />

Tatty Di · 23/04/2013 at 20:42

That sounds pretty much perfect x

Amanda · 26/04/2013 at 12:23

A big step for both of you!!<br /><br />Having worked in a nursery I&#39;d say they probably used their own bibs (they&#39;ll have a ton of them), rolled her sleeves up and wiped her clean afterwards. Did they say how much she ate? It might be that she was offered the food but didn&#39;t touch much of it, because kids are messy when they eat (you think trying to keep one toddler relatively clean

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