Sunday Morning Smiles

happy baby cuddles with mummy
We’ve had a fairly difficult couple of days. S is teething, and she’s none too pleased about it. The past two nights have largely involved tears and pleading as both of us tried desperately to get to sleep. We are both knackered and fed up with it now.
BUT S is a baby, and a happy one at that. Which means if you put a little toy mirror or some stacking beakers in front of her, she will soon forget she was ever fed up with anything. I think I could probably take a fairly large leaf from her book when it comes to this. Although she is horribly tired today, we had a fun morning. 
She is 10 whole months old now, and I can’t believe how time has flown. Despite my recent griping and lack of sleep, she is a happy baby. She smiles and giggles all the time. This photo was taken while she was standing between my legs, torn between watching the end credits of some awful TV show (she usually only watches the musical parts) and playing with my hair. Out of around 20 photos we took this morning, this is one of about 3 that show both of our faces, and neither of us pulling too much of a ridiculous face. I like it because it looks like she’s about to kiss me back – though the closest I ever get is a bit of dribble on my chin. Shortly afterwards she grabbed my fingers – the universal symbol for “come on, you’re helping me with my walking practise.”
Most of our photos look like this; we don’t pose well for shots, and it’s difficult to hold a baby in the right position when you’ve got one arm extended holding a camera! I like them like this though. We always look like we’re having fun – which we are. My hope is that when S is older she will look back over these photos and think, “wow, we were always mucking about weren’t we!”
This post is Single Mother Ahoy’s entry into the Printerpix Photo competition.

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