new Vaseline compressed deodorant

I am a member of BzzAgent, and last week they sent me some of the new Vaseline compressed deodorant to test out for them.
What is a compressed deodorant? … I hear you ask.
Well basically, a normal full-size deodorant can is 150ml (double the size) but that’s largely gas and a bit of deodorant. What Vaseline have cleverly done is compress the deodorant and the gas into a smaller can. It’s something to do with the design of the nozzle, so now it sprays out less gas each time. Here are some pictures, in case you find this concept difficult to grasp:

new compressed deodorant illustration of sizenew compressed deodorant illustration of gas
The idea is that it’s the same as buying a big can of deodorant, and will last just as long, but it’s not so big, there’s less packaging and therefore less waste – and it fits in your handbag!
I like the design of the new can; it’s dinky. It fits in my handbag (or baby changing bag) and isn’t as bulky and clangy as the old cans (you know how the bigger cans are a bit noisy, jangling about in the bottom of a bag).
The deodorant itself works just as well as the old-style cans. Possibly even better, since for the past few nights I’ve been able to smell it on myself as I got undressed for bed. It even withstood the ultimate test – taking S out for a walk in the sling for an hour, coming home with heavy shopping!
According to the paper gumpf they sent out with the samples, if a million people switched to compressed deodorant we could save 720 tonnes of CO2 and enough aluminium to make over 20,000 bikes. So it’s environmentally friendly as well as being handy to put in your handbag!
In fact, the only gripe I have with this product is that it has a lid – and in my life all lids disappear soon after purchase. I’d like to see them make a deodorant like this with some clever locking device on the nozzle so that it doesn’t need a lid.
They’ve also compressed Sure and Dove, and all three are available in the shops this week so go and have a look.
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Caroline · 07/02/2013 at 09:21

I haven't come across those, sounds like a good idea! How did you get to become a product tester?

Vicky Charles · 07/02/2013 at 09:26

I think they only came out in the shops this week. To be a product tester, sign up at You do about a million surveys, and then they offer you campaigns – they send you the product, and then you "bzz" about it on Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. I think with some of it you can earn Tesco Clubcard points too but I can never remember how you get them until I'm told I'

Elaine Livingstone · 07/02/2013 at 22:56

I have been a member of bzzagent for years, but cant mind the last time I got offered anything. Great concept and has worked for a lot of companies. <br />imo if the whole world used roll on their would be even less harm done (sorry)

    Vicky Charles · 08/02/2013 at 09:36

    That&#39;s odd, I&#39;ve only been a member for a couple of months and this is my 4th campaign.

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