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Monday 7 January

Up early to drag ourselves to the hospital for physio. Considered rearranging the appointment, since I felt rough, but decided to just suck it up and go. Got there and found my physio was off sick any way. Walked back to town, bought some vegetables, bumped into several friends, including my niece who is awfully grown up and mature these days. Had an impromptu coffee with a friend, which was nice. Afternoon spent attempting OU coursework, and feeling sick. Evening spent doing much the same.
Tuesday 8 January
Didn’t leave the house all day; not fantastic for my already low mood. Health Visitor came in the morning for a brief chat, and afternoon was spent begging S to please take her nap or at least stop crying and clinging to me. Neither was achieved. Bed time was not amusing, and neither was the night.

Wednesday 9 January
D visited in the morning, played with S while I made a call and did my washing up for me. The woman is a legend. Quick lunch followed by a power walk to the other side of town for a “Mum & Me” fitness class which was actually quite relaxing since it focused on stretching out all the muscles that usually ache. Extended walk home to accommodate nap time. Afternoon spent playing. Split up with HYM. Nothing more shall be said on the topic.

Thursday 10 January

Didn’t do much of anything. A bad night’s sleep, but at least I was woken at 6am by a happy baby chattering to her hands. Popped to the shops, bought some food, came home. Entire day spent playing with toys and trying to avoid whining and crying. Didn’t always manage that. Awesome sister A came to visit briefly though, which was nice.

Friday 11 January
S slept awesomely; I woke at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Cancelled BuggyFun because I felt like death. Visit from my brother L and his wife L which was nice but embarrassing because the house is a tip at the moment. Went to doctor about suspected eczema on S’s leg, came home. Exciting day, I think you’ll agree.

Saturday 12 January
Feeling less than fantastic. Morning spent doing housework… ok, well I did some washing up. Sister A came round and played with S for half an hour while I went to town for supplies. Entire trip spent feeling like I’d left the buggy in a shop. Afternoon spent playing. Evening spent watching truly awful Saturday night TV. Seriously, whatever happened to Saturday night telly?

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