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Monday 21st January
As mentioned in this post, I’ve had a fairly rubbish week, brain wise. On Monday we did very little. I think taking the bin out was the highlight of my day. The council did come round and rip down some plasterboard from my bedroom ceiling though.
Tuesday 22nd January
Another day of feeling miserable and wallowing… until I started griping on Facebook that I’d run out of milk, and then a very dear friend came round with milk and smiles and we had a good old chat and I felt a lot better. She helped me to put a few things in perspective, and to make a few decisions.
Wednesday 23rd January
D had called on Tuesday afternoon to say she couldn’t make our usual Wednesday morning, so we were on our own. Remember my friend C? He proved himself even more legendary when he spent the morning texting me, telling me I really should just go out of the house. This, coupled with similar texts from my friend B, meant that we did finally go out. We had a quick walk to town, bought some essentials and came home. Afternoon spent not doing much.
Thursday 24th January
Another day spent sitting in the house. We were meant to go to see our photographer friend to have our photo taken, but since S was up all night, finally settling around 6am, and slept until 8, we cancelled. S had 2 long naps; I tried to do OU work. A came round after college to drop a couple of things off, because she is a legend. S didn’t settle to sleep again, so had her downstairs in her bouncy chair for the evening.
Friday 25th January
Went to see the GP in the morning for a bit of reassurance that S just has a cold and not some terrible snot-producing disease. Came home, played a bit, had a visit in the afternoon from a friend and her two children, which was nice for all of us.
Saturday 26th January
Walked to out of town Tesco with A in the morning, then came home and had a quick wander round town. Afternoon spent with D, who was unable to visit on Wednesday. Brief and supremely irritating visit in the evening from a drunk and frankly stupid HYM. Not impressed. Evening spent struggling with OU work. 
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