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Monday 14 January
Up at usual time and off to Wetherspoons for breakfast with a friend. Lovely start to the day. S fell asleep on the way home and didn’t even stir when I bumped the buggy up the stairs. She ended up having a 2-hour nap, which was handy as I was rather sick. Afternoon spent feeling rubbish and wishing I could just go to sleep. No such luck. Perked up a little in the evening. Fingers crossed sickiness appears to have been stress related rather than bug related or anything else related.

Tuesday 15 January
Stayed in all morning doing fun stuff like housework and general mucking about. Health visitor at lunch time with my sister A for company, then a little wander around town before coming home to muck about a bit more. Finally finished my OU module, just in time for the next one to start in a couple of weeks. Eep!

Wednesday 16 January
Visit from D in the morning, then off out to our new Wednesday class. Baby-robics was fun, but turns out S is rather heavy after four rounds of squats. Bloody cold so straight home afterwards to snuggle up and play in the living room. S went to bed on time, but woke pretty much hourly and generally made me feel a little like I may never sleep again.

Thursday 17 January
Visited two nurseries as part of my trying to figure out whether to go back to work. Both are local and lovely. Still hate the idea of leaving S for that amount of time, that often. Saw my sister A, who brought cornflake cakes she’d made with Z. Bought a leopard print fur coat for S in a charity shop. Day complete. S did not settle well, I had a cough which made it worse. Loooonnnnnng night.

Friday 18 January
Wake up to find it has snowed. All plans scuppered. Day spent in living room doing naff all. Even taking the bins out was abandoned in favour of looking out the window and playing with shiny things. A came round for the afternoon and went to the shop for us because she is a legend (as you know). Had been planning to spend the evening with company, but company turned up drunk, so I spent the evening doing boring geeky things. Should have taken the opportunity for an early night, since S really did not sleep well.

Saturday 19 January
Woke to find the roof had leaked in a massive way. Swore a lot and spent half an hour carefully positioning trays and pans to catch drips. S had slept badly but made up for it with a fairly long morning nap. Did not venture out of the house due to a fear of falling over on the ice with my little pickle. Very bored and tired and the lack of air did nothing for my mood. Evening spent doing not a fat lot. Such is life these days.

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