Nine Months of Joy

Tomorrow, S will be 9 months old. Nine whole months. To celebrate this milestone, Wordless Wednesday will be dedicated to her.
One of S’s first babygros… and one of her new ones.
I was trying to figure out why S being 9 months old was such a big deal in my head. The only reason I can think of is this: when she was born, a lot of the clothes designed for “tiny baby” were still too big. Newborn clothes were a joke. She was three months old before she could wear her 0-3 months clothes. She didn’t move into 3-6 months clothes until she was about 5 months, and she only moved into the 6-9 months clothes at 7 months because her cloth nappies made her bum too big for the smaller trousers.

Goodbye rain mac…

Tomorrow she will be 9 months old… and I’ve already got a stash of 9-12 months clothes out and ready for her to try on. We’ve had to abandon several onesies because they’re not big enough to be comfortable any more.
Last week we finally had to admit defeat with her lovely yellow rain mac, which was actually 3-6 months, but  lasted her for months and months.
So 9 months is such a big deal because it’s the first time she’s been big enough to wear the “right” size clothes!
(and yes, I know this is a very short post – the things at the forefront of my mind at the moment are not things I can post about on a public blog)

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  • Caroline


    I think as well that 9 months is significant as she's been outside for as long as she was inside!!

    1. Vicky Charles


      She was born early, so she's been outside longer than she was inside me now! It was a bit scary when we passed that milestone; It kind of miss the feeling of having her kick me from inside. And makes me very aware of how much I want to maintain that closeness with her.

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