Inspired by the rather exhausting time I’ve been having of late, here is a list of ways to tell if perhaps you need a little more sleep…

baby fast asleep in centre of bed

  • You clean up the high chair from the latest meal, go to the kitchen and deposit a handful of soggy biscuits in the sink, a dirty dish and spoon in the laundry hamper, and a mucky flannel in the bin.
  • You go upstairs to use the toilet, remember half way up that you need to pick something up from the bedroom. Go into the bedroom, forget what you went in for but see that the curtains are open when they should be closed. Close curtains. Remember you needed to take a clean babygro downstairs. Go into the baby’s bedroom, grab a babygro and run downstairs with it, triumphant until you hit the bottom step and your bladder reminds you why you went up there in the first place. Back you go…
  • You fill the sink to wash up, then remember there’s an empty coffee cup on the side in the living room. Go to fetch it and see that the baby is doing something cute. Stop to join in the cuteness for a couple of minutes. See that the living room bin needs to be emptied so take it to the kitchen. Empty the bin, take the bin bag outside. Clean the bin, put a new liner in it, and remember you were washing up. Begin the washing up, remember there’s an empty coffee cup on the side in the living room…
  • It takes you four attempts to find the word you’re looking for: “that’s mummy’s arm… face… foot.. HAND! That’s mummy’s hand”
  • You arrange to meet a friend for coffee every week for 2 months, but never actually make it because you’re sitting at home thinking, “I’m sure I’m supposed to do something today…”
  • You sit down to write a blog post about being tired… and fall asleep.
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Crystal Jigsaw · 01/02/2013 at 14:09

Lol, on a daily basis!!<br /><br />CJ x

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