Monday 26 Nov
Up early and out to a mother and toddler group. Had ummed and ahhed about going, but figured I had nothing to lose by just trying it out. Turns out it was great fun, S had a good old shout, and we both really enjoyed song time at the end. It did mess with nap time a little though, meaning S slept for 20 minutes on the way there and 20 minutes on the way home, and had a slightly rushed lunch before we went back out to meet a friend for lunch. Awful experience in Slug & Lettuce (though S enjoyed herself, and I had a good catch-up with said friend) followed by S falling asleep again on the way home. Afternoon spent trying to clear junk from the living room whilst being distracted by a baby who has discovered her ability to squawk like a super-cute pterodactyl.

Tuesday 27 Nov
Morning spent clearing junk out of the living room ready for the floor to be put down tomorrow. Horrifying moment around lunch time when I looked around and realised that I’d removed 80% of the stuff, and the room still looked full. I’ve a feeling a lot of things will be thrown out rather than coming back into the room once the floor is down. Afternoon spent at a local church’s mother and baby group. Lovely people, an invite to their Christmas party, and some strawberries! Walked home with my sister, who helped to move the sofa. And then more stuff-moving, while S resolutely refused to sleep.

Wednesday 28 Nov
A brief reprieve from the floor-laying meant a quiet day at home. D visited in the morning, S had a couple of good naps, things were cool. Didn’t leave the house all day; it was bliss. Oh yeah, and I got asked out on a date. Nearly fell off my chair.

Thursday 29 Nov
My brother came to lay the floor, so S and I hibernated upstairs for the morning, playing with toys and mucking about. My sister turned up around lunch time, and we took S into town for a little wander and a spot of Christmas shopping, before coming home for a man from the council to assess the damage to my bedroom ceiling from a persistently leaky roof. Afternoon spent chatting to a lovely friend who doesn’t visit often.

Friday 30 Nov
Up reasonably early and off to a Buggyfun class – I’d not been for a while because the class had moved to a place horribly close to the ex’s house, but it moved back to its original location this week and I was very excited to get back to it. Nearly killed myself with running and a mini assault course, but had a massive grin on my face walking home. Visit from a friend at lunch time; afternoon spent having a go at putting all the junk back in the living room… Got as far as putting the Christmas tree up…

Saturday 01 Dec
Left S with a babysitter for the first time. Before I’ve left her with a family member outside of a shop, or left my sister pushing her around town in the buggy while I had my hair done… This morning I went into town for a whole hour, while she stayed at home with my sister A. Afternoon spent baking. S played happily with a wooden spoon, a pastry brush and a silicone oven glove.

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