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Monday 24 December
Up horrendously early and into town for some last minute shopping before the marauding hoards came out to play. Home for lunch, and then back out to the pub to meet with some lovely friends. Briefly joined by HYM, then home for another couple of visitors. Evening spent preparing Christmas dinner.

Tuesday 25 December
Up horrendously early again, this time trying to persuade S to open presents. She was more interested in the paper though. Morning spent with HYM and my sister A. Hilarious moments trying to figure out what the hell to do with the turkey. HYM left, mother arrived, S opened a couple of presents. I produced an outstanding Christmas dinner that relied heavily on bacon. Nobody died. S opened a couple more presents. In the evening my sister Z and her boyfriend L joined us, and HYM came back. Then everyone but HYM left, and we had a nice evening snuggling on the sofa.

Wednesday 26 December
Up a little later but not so’s you’d notice. Morning spent cleaning up the house while S played with more presents she hadn’t yet unwrapped. In the afternoon we went to meet HYM’s family at their house. Daunting, but they are lovely. Evening spent watching bad TV with my sister A, who stayed over on the sofa.

Thursday 27 December
Having spent most of the last few days cooped up in the house, we had to get out. And I needed to get my watch fixed, since it stopped working on Christmas eve. Spent the morning in town with A, then came home and had lunch. Spent the afternoon with my sister Z and her boyfriend L, visiting my brother L and his family. S was poorly though, so we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked.

Friday 28 December
Morning spent wandering around town as I tried desperately to figure out what I’d come out of the house for. Visit from the older sister S and her husband and step-daughter in the afternoon, as well as A. Evening spent with HYM, curled up on the sofa watching a movie. Heaven.

Saturday 29 December
Horrible weather meant a distinct lack of motivation to leave the house. Most of the day spent cleaning and tidying; I find that recently my tolerance for mess and clutter has lowered considerably. Tree and decorations put away, everywhere vacuumed, big sigh. HYM came round for a couple of hours, then buggered off again.

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