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Monday 17 Dec
Up and ready relatively early for our toddler group Christmas party; put S in the sling as there are usually so many pushchairs there it’s a nightmare to get in and out… plan backfired when she was monumentally sick all over both of us on the way there. Skipped the party, did a quick dash to a couple of shops and took my poorly baby home. Poorly baby then proceeded to spend the afternoon shouting at her toys and watching Tweenies without a care in the world. Visit from sister (A) in the afternoon who entertained S while I made S a Christmas stocking, which I shall be proud of for the rest of my life!

Tuesday 18 Dec
Up early due to a distinct inability to sleep; get it every Christmas. Baked 2 trays of brownies before 10am, then a visit from the health visitor, lunch, brief shopping trip with A, half an hour at toddler group and an ill-timed blood donation appointment. Impressed with myself I didn’t pass out this time. Score. Got a sticker too, which is a bonus.

Wednesday 19 Dec
Horribly unsettled night and non-existent morning nap made for a stressed mummy today! Visit from D in the morning, followed by visit from Z and A, copious amounts of vomit on a library book, and an evening spent doing anything but settling. Meanwhile I struggled to finish an OU assignment, and wondered how the hell I’m going to get through the rest of the course if my child never sleeps again.

Thursday 20 Dec
Woke up feeling a lot like death but had lots to do. Braved near-torrential rain to go shopping for last minute Christmas presents and party food; S loved being in the pushchair under the rain cover. Afternoon spent wrapping presents and making vague attempts at tidying the house. A came round to help and even went back to town to pick up the things I’d forgotten.

Friday 21 Dec
Seeing that I would be waiting in all day for a delivery, I decided to invite people round for Christmas shenanigans. It was a last minute affair, and I didn’t really prepare at all, but a few people came round and we had a good giggle. Two friends brought little girls a couple of months older than S, and she learned a few new tricks from them which was fun. She is now happily walking across the room with hands held… we appear to have skipped crawling altogether.

Saturday 22 Dec
Mad dash around town in the morning before it got busy, followed by an afternoon cleaning, tidying and wrapping presents. Evening with the HYM, who gets better every time I see him. Happy days.

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