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Monday 10 Dec
Mini Movers in the morning, followed by a messy lunch and an afternoon spent tidying the house. Mostly failed at the tidying, but S had a fun day. Visit from HYM in the evening, which was lovely. I never get tired of discovering new ways in which is he is completely different to the ex. Beautiful.

Tuesday 11 Dec
Up late after a restless night. Morning spent attempting more tidying, but achieving little, since S didn’t fancy naps at all. Afternoon spent at toddler group, where we did bright pink hand prints on paper, ready to make them into calendars next week. That toddler group is awesome. S spent the whole evening asleep upstairs (only woke up once) and slept really well overnight. Wondering if we’ve turned a corner… That would be sod’s law, since I spoke to a researcher for a TV show about baby sleep issues, who wants to feature us.

Wednesday 12 Dec
OU tutorial in the morning reminded me that I really need to find time for my study. Visit from D, who brought us iced buns and big smiles, and entertained S for 20 minutes while I was on hold to several different government departments trying to get some answers regarding my return to work. After D had left my sister Z and her boyfriend L came round, and we went for a little wander into town before going to see my brother L and his family. A fun afternoon spent lounging around a very Christmassy living room, gossiping and playing with the children. S had a fantastic time.

Thursday 13 Dec
Wide awake at ridiculous o clock so got up and had an early breakfast. Morning spent doing important things from the To Do list, which I subsequently lost before completing. Then a lovely visit from a dear friend I’d not seen for about 10 years, and good old chin-wag. Being up so early scuppered S’s meal/nap routine, so afternoon was spent with a grumpy, tired baby who really didn’t want another nap. Winner.Visit from HYM in the evening slightly embarrassing, since he’d found this blog and read the post I wrote about him.

Friday 14 Dec
Up early again – not sure if it’s S’s poor sleeping or my excitement/panic for Christmas. Went to a last-minute hospital appointment for S where they kept us waiting for over an hour before poking and prodding and putting the fear of God into me, then smiling cheerfully and telling me everything is fine. Afternoon spent trying to pry my fingernails out of my palms.

Saturday 15 Dec
Brief wander around town with S in the sling to try and get some stuff done. Failed miserably due to the fact S is rather heavy in the sling these days. Afternoon spent at a Christmas party in a church, which was chaotic and carnage and quite fun.

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