Monday 05 Nov
Up at 7, breakfast in our shiny new high chair, which was messy and fun. Then into town to meet a friend for coffee with her little girl. S sat in her pushchair shouting in excitement, playing peepo with my friend’s 3 year old, which was nice. Then home for a monumentally messy lunch, a short nap, and a short trip back to town to pick up the things I’d forgotten earlier. Bed time routine disrupted by fireworks for the third night running.
Tuesday 06 Nov
Wander around town in the morning with S having a little giggle and chat to herself. Bumped into my favourite aunt, which is always a bonus as she is awesome. Super, ultra messy lunch followed by a fun afternoon for S, watching me move furniture and books, then hoover and scrub the floor, then move more furniture. Bed time was more successful, possibly down to the fact she ate shedloads for tea. We may be onto a winner here!
Wednesday 07 Nov
Weekly visit from D in the morning; S played with her on her newly positioned play mats and shouted at the TV. Unsuccessful lunch attempt followed by visit from Auntie Smooch (Z) and a trip into town, wandering about the shops. Am so excited for the Christmas lights to go up; S seems to really enjoy looking at lights in shop windows. And on the living room ceiling, oddly. She had three naps, which was not ideal, but she still slept fairly well in the evening so can’t complain.
Thursday 08 Nov
Picked up copies of photos taken last week for local paper’s baby competition. S looks amazing, obviously. Came home to see something on Facebook that reminded me of the nasty situation with S’s father, kind of ruined my mood for the day, which S picked up on. Did manage to paint a wall though. S had an unsettled evening, but since I was feeling decidedly headachey and ropey, I just went to bed early and she settled.
Friday 09 Nov
Lazy morning spent lazing about the flat. Decided that since S was still in her PJs at lunch time we may as well make as much mess as possible, which was fun. A man came round about the water meter, and had fun trying to find the right tap outside. Brief trip into town to buy food (mainly to get out of the house), then home for tea and early to bed for a very sleepy baby… who slept of her sleepiness and was wide awake in her bouncy chair by 8pm. No point in leaving her upstairs, since people around here still have a lot of fireworks to get through, and the neighbours appear to be trying to chisel their way through the floor. Or the wall. Or perhaps just through my temper. Bang bang bang effing bang.
Saturday 10 Nov
Morning spent at a charity soup morning with S being passed around extended family and friends, wowing them with her smiles and giggles. Felt pretty smug! Feeling replaced by nausea when I came home to find that the baby S’s father conceived with his babysitter while I was pregnant has been born – seemingly exactly 7 months younger than S. How does one deal with such a situation? Answers on a postcard please.
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